I just had to pass on this recommendation for the best real estate photographer, for that special gorgeous scenic Marin/Sonoma high end house. Vern Nelson’s Every Angel photography shot my Wine Country Villa in the Fall and the pictures were breathtaking. Every angle was beautiful. He used a boom on top of his truck to get the tricky views and came back in the evening for twilight photos. We are closing on this property next month, the buyers are from Texas. They found the property on line and came to California because of the pictures! If you could pass on this email to the other agents, I am sure they will be happy agents!

Beth Thompson Sasan | Bradley Real Estate | Cell: 415.990.7186

Vern Nelson has been our photographer for many years. Artisan Sotheby’s has very strict standards and guidelines with our photos on their website. If they are not perfect, they get pulled. Recently, I have had 2 buyers from out of state call and want to book a flight and make offers on our listings solely based on the photos that Vern has taken. Vern has the special eye to get the best angle, skills to get the best lighting and he is a joy to work with. I would recommend Vern to any Realtor who wants the best photos for their listings.
Thanks Vern, we love you!

Heidi Faulkner | Sotheby's | (707) 480.4098

Thanks Vern, you made the rooms and bathrooms standout as much as you did the exterior. We look forward to posting these online so the world can share the joy. It's really impressive what you can do with the rooms.

Thanks again,
Chris and Gina White
Bay Hill Mansion

As a home stager, I have a deep appreciation for a talented photographer. One that can see a home, a room, a space for all it has to offer and capture its essence in one photograph. Vern has an eye for detail and an ability to capture the beauty of a home. What really sets him apart is his ability to take low aerial photos of a property and showcase it to potential buyers with new perspective. So many sellers make the investment to stage their homes but miss the incredible marketing opportunity to showcase it properly. Photographs are everything. It’s what creates an emotional reaction to the home and can motivate a buyer to come preview the property. The more showings a home has, the higher the odds of receiving an offer. Hence the reason, so many of the Top Realtors I work with use Vern in their marketing plans.

Denice Frye

Vern Nelson is a great photographer. I have been using him for a number of years on all my listings. Good photographs are so critical in marketing and selling homes in today's market and he does an excellent job. Vern's turn-a-round time for receiving the pictures is phenomenal. I would highly recommend him.

Gary L. Sumner
Coldwell Banker
(707) 535-8732

The photos were great and Vern was as professional as they come. Thanks again!

Matt Taylor
Taylor Cellars
Ph: (707) 473-8184